About Drew, VCD's Owner

Ever since he can remember, Drew has been captivated by the world around him, driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and understand. This innate desire to dissect the inner workings of various objects and apply the underlying principles to new projects ultimately led him to become a Computer/Network Engineer. From a young age, Drew found joy in repairing computers, just so he could enjoy playing classic games like DOOM and Duke Nukem 3D, or listen to his favorite tunes on WinAMP. While he relished the challenges of troubleshooting in the IT field, he yearned for something more. Determined to fill this void, Drew embarked on a journey into the realm of electronics, creating one project after another. As he refined his skills, each new undertaking surpassed the last, fueled by lessons learned from past mistakes and failures. Through his experiences, Drew came to understand that one doesn't need to work for a certain famous mouse to become an Imagineer; it's possible to bring joy to others by crafting unique creations. Embracing this mindset, he became a Droid builder, constructing his very own full-sized mouse droid, Gonk, and currently working on an R2 model. Nothing delights him more than parading his droids around, spreading smiles to all who cross their path. Drew's passion for innovation didn't stop at droid building; he soon discovered the world of laser CNC machining and quickly became enthralled. Over the course of four years, he honed his skills, transforming his newfound hobby into a thriving business. Deciding to follow his heart, Drew left his IT job to pursue a full-time career as a maker. Armed with his laser CNC machines and a UV printer, he expanded his creative offerings to include a wide array of products. From engraved baseballs to custom UV-printed sci-fi name tags, Drew's diverse creations cater to the unique interests and desires of his clientele. As a dedicated and talented maker, Drew continues to explore the endless possibilities that come with combining his technological expertise and artistic vision.

Vida Custom Designs (VCD) was established February 9, 2018, to allow Drew to pursue their creative passions and provide custom fabricated products using high quality materials. VCD is a small local business operated in Miami Lakes, Florida offering custom fabricated products for individual and bulk needs. To offer a wide variety of products, VCD specializes in CNC millwork, laser cutting and engraving, woodwork, sewing, electronics, prop making and cosplay.